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Create a Cozy Movie Night at Home

Watching a movie together creates a special closeness -- whether it’s date night, family night, or a girlfriend gathering. But those magical moments aren’t limited to the movie theater. You can create the perfect movie-watching experience right at home that is just as good (dare we say, even better?) than the theater. 

Create Comfy Seating

Fact: it is more enjoyable to watch a movie with your feet up. Which is why we love movie theater recliners. But, they will never be as luxurious as a chaise lounge. And once you cocoon yourself with fluffy pillows and soft throw blankets (and maybe a furry friend), you won’t want to get up. Except for snacks. 

Speaking of curling up, one of the many advantages of movie night at home is you can create nests of soft seating on the floor. Start with a plush wool rug, then scatter around blankets, floor pillows, and cushy poufs -- perfect for squishy seating or setting snacks on.

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Set Up the Snacks

Create a snack station so everyone can help themselves. Stock up your bar cart or kitchen cart with everything you need, then slide space-saving c-tables right up to your seating for easy-access snacking all through the show. 

  • Create an old-fashioned candy counter with rows of glass jars chock-full of chocolates and unique confections. 
  • Make your own mix of better-than-theater popcorns, like buffalo cheddar and cinnamon bun from
  • Whip up homemade movie-night sodas (see recipes from in mason jars, or bottle and serve them in a help-yourself tub with ice. 
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Amp Up the Ambiance

Build the anticipation for the big show by getting the kids involved to create custom movie tickets. You can find a ton of free templates on Canva

Lowering the lights sets a movie mood, but a little light is nice sometimes. This floor lamp is perfect for so many reasons: 

  1. It has a clever pulley system so you can spotlight your snacks without blinding the crew. 
  2. You can do the aforementioned without getting up
  3. Look at how the pulleys look like movie reels! 😍

As far as we know, there aren’t any movie theaters with fireplaces. Set your home theater apart with a warm and cozy (and fuss-free) fireplace TV console. Just flip it on and watch the gravitational effect pull your family in. 

No movie room look is complete without cinema-themed wall decor. Create a custom gallery wall with your most-loved blockbusters from Marvel, go-to snacks, and other film-related decor.

Set the movie theater mood.