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Transition to Spring with Faux Florals & Greenery

Taking down your seasonal decorations is never as fun as putting them up. Unless you’re swapping them out for a fresh new look! Find the perfect faux florals and greenery to switch out your festive poinsettias and frosty garlands to transition your style into spring. 

Replace Your Wreath (or Not)

Your evergreen wreath may not be as seasonal as you think. It can easily go from one season to the next with little effort. Read more about that here. But if you’re ready to add to your wreath collection, a fresh floral wreath says that spring is on the way. Make it your own by embellishing it with your favorite stems and sprays

Tip: Hang your wreath from a burlap ribbon over a mirror or the backs of your dining chairs. Or lay it flat on your dining or coffee table with a white lantern in the center for a spring centerpiece.

Plant a Wall Garden

Transition your walls to spring by planting a faux succulent garden -- it’s never too early! Create your own look with a selection of stems and florals tucked into adorable mini neutral vases or go bold with etched patterned vases, lined up in a pretty row on a wooden wall shelf.

Pair Your Wall Art

They say things that grow together go together. So give your floral wall art some company by pairing it with a care-free faux green plant to add texture to an otherwise 2D look. This sweet pot of new spring grass with hidden speckled eggs adds dimension and even more color to the plucky pink peony artwork.

Tip: A wall shelf makes swapping out seasonal art a cinch. To create your custom look, lean wall art on the shelf, then surround it with a collection of faux greenery and other springy decor.

Freshen Up Your Bar Cart

With warmer temps on the way, it’s time to swap out your holiday liqueurs for lighter, fruitier spirits. Your home bar decor will also be ready for a refreshing new look. Cluster these bright and beautiful orchids together for maximum impact, or spread the joy around and tuck them between your bottles and glassware for mini bursts of happiness.



Enliven Your Entry

Just because your mini-Christmas trees are down for the season doesn’t mean you can’t greet your guests with a bright and joyful hello. Add a pop of sunshine in your foyer with a pair of zesty lemon trees flanking your door, entry console, or bench for a cheerful welcome. 

Swap Out Your Poinsettias

No need to get used to that bare spot where you used to put your poinsettias. Replace your festive holiday botanicals with a spray of oversized palm leaves to add height, texture, and a touch of the tropics to your home. Plus, they’re pet-friendly!



Looking to liven up your florals with bright and springy scents? Find out how to create your own seasonal scent story here.