How To Style Your Kitchen Island - Pier 1


Give your kitchen an instant makeover by dressing up your kitchen island. With just a few simple touches, you can turn your meal prep and family hangout space into an eye-catching oasis. 

Ready for some island inspiration? 

Curate a Cluster 

Here’s a no-fail formula to create a look you’ll love. Curate a collection of 3-5 items in your signature style that vary in size, color, height, and texture. Here’s how to get started building your cluster.  

Begin with a wooden cutting board, cake stand, or wooden or metal tray. A tiered tray adds instant drama and elevation to your look -- and additional storage. 

Work in natural colors and textures with a vase or bowl brimming with green botanicals or billowing blooms. 

Personalize your look with your favorite scented candle or a family photo

Keep your island functional by incorporating handy caddies, canisters, or crocks with your most attractive utensils. 

A stylish runner or a rolled-up kitchen towel adds soft texture and pattern to your island. 

Go Bold With One Statement Piece

If you’re looking for a bolder look, rather than arranging an array of items, choose one large piece to create a focal point in your kitchen. An eye-catching floral arrangement, a sculptural piece with interesting architectural elements, or an oversized lantern filled with lights, wine corks, or succulents will make a statement on your kitchen island. 

Light Up Your Look

A pair of pendants or one large pendant over your kitchen island provides both fashion and function. Illuminate your kitchen with a chic new farmhouse fixture for an instant touch of rustic while keeping the vibe of your kitchen fresh and modern. 

Boost Your Seating

Your kitchen island can go from prep space to breakfast bar with just the addition of a few bar stools. To ensure you have the right-sized bar stool, there should be 9-12” between the seat of the barstool and the bottom of the island countertop. 

Upgrade Your Hardware

You’ll be amazed at how you can transform the look of your kitchen island just by swapping out your hardware. Adding new knobs and drawer pulls can transport an outdated look right into this year. And don’t think your island cabinet knobs need to be the same as your kitchen cabinets. You can mix and match metals, colors, and shapes to create your own look. 

Add Stylish Storage

No one has ever said their kitchen has too much storage. So if you can add reinforcements to your kitchen island, you’ll be sure to find a good use for it. If your island has open shelving, decorative woven or wire baskets can keep your utensils, cookbooks out of sight, but within reach. You can also install hooks or towel bars to hang your prettiest pot holders, dishtowels, and aprons. 

Create Your Dreamy Kitchen Island

If you’re ready to turn your kitchen island into a dreamy oasis the whole family will love, look no further than Pier1. You’ll find everything you need to style your kitchen island with decor, lighting, bar stools, storage solutions, and more.  

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