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Corralling kitchen clutter into an organized system can calm the chaos during meal prep and make grabbing snacks easy for even the smallest hands. If you’re seeking inspiration to get your kitchen shelves in order, look no further than our easy organization tips to help you keep your pantry and kitchen looking neat and tidy. 

Set Aside Seasonal Storage

For everything, there is a season -- even your pantry storage. Since you probably won’t be reaching for your Santa cookie cutters in July, find a place that’s out of the way to stash them until the snow flies again. Your highest storage shelves are a great place to add a row of baskets to keep your seasonal kitchen necessities nearby, but not in the way of what you’re using right now. 

Arrange Your Appliances

If you have space to spare in your pantry, clear off a shelf to hold your appliances so you can keep them from cluttering up your kitchen counters. Your slow cooker, blender, mixer, and toaster will still be within easy reach, and the clear countertops will keep your kitchen looking tidy. 

Set Up Snack Sections

Make the most of the space between your shelves to create kid-friendly zones. Under-the-shelf baskets are clever pantry storage solutions that maximize space and easily store snacks and other items kids can quickly grab. 

 Clear Out a Corner

If you’re living in a small space with no dedicated pantry to speak of, carve out a storage area in a corner or nook. Install open wall shelves lined with wire baskets so you can easily see where everything is. Once your necessities are in place, you can style your shelves with your prettiest bowls, wood cutting boards, and other decorative kitchen items. 

Level Up Your Look

When cans and jars get pushed to the back, they tend to stay there. And it’s difficult to tell what they are -- everything looks the same from above. Create tiers with helper shelves to keep everything visible at a glance. You will also double your storage space since you can stash smaller items below it. 

 Chalk It Up

Create a system to keep your kitchen organized and stocked by hanging a chalkboard list next to your pantry. Putting your list on the wall for everyone to see means anyone in the family can easily jot down what they grabbed the last of -- making putting together a shopping list for market day that much easier.

Convert a Curio Cabinet Into Kitchen Storage

When you live in a small space with limited built-ins, enlist the help of a curio cabinet with shelves and clear glass doors to create more kitchen storage. Not only does it look stylish while storing your non-perishables, but the top also provides additional space for your decorative kitchen essentials. 

Keep It Clear

Invest in a set of clear, tight-sealing canisters to keep all your dry goods like cereal, pasta, grains, and baking supplies fresh and easy to find. Stackable see-through containers are a smart space-saving option that also creates a clean and cohesive look in your pantry. 

Tip: Use removable labels or a washable paint pen to label each container. Write the expiration date on the bottom of the container each time you fill it up. 

Hold It All with a Hamper

Hampers aren’t just for holding laundry anymore. If you have a large closet-type pantry, the bottom section can become a bit of a free-for-all. Keep large containers of bulk supplies, reusable shopping bags, and other difficult-to-contain items cleverly hidden yet easy to find in a laundry hamper

 Adorn Your Door

Make every square inch of your kitchen pantry serve a storage purpose, including the backs of your doors. An over-the-door storage rack is a practical place to store snacks the kids can grab on their own or corral your cache of onions, potatoes, and other pantry vegetables. 

Hang Hooks

Adding a row of hooks to your pantry is a clever use of space. It takes advantage of often-unused wall real estate and frees up drawer space. Hooks are a handy home for utensils, pots and pans, towels, aprons, and cutting boards. 

Spruce It Up with Wallpaper

Creating a wow-worthy pantry is about more than just creating order in an unruly space -- it also polishes your overall look. Add even more style to your storage by lining the backs of your shelves with a pretty wallpaper pattern. By decorating your pantry with a pattern that contrasts with your shelves, it could actually make it easier to find things. And you may be more motivated to keep it looking neat and tidy. 

Shop for Stylish Storage Solutions

Pier 1 has everything you need to keep all your shelves in order -- whether it’s in your kitchen pantry, home office, bedroom, entryway, or bathroom. Shop for unique and stylish looks you love that keep your clutter contained.

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