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Exercise more. Eat healthier. Save more money. When it comes to making New Year’s resolutions, these good ol’ stand bys are definitely list-worthy, but we’re going in another direction this year. We’re looking at those simple changes we can make right at home that make our lives easier and filled with even more joy. 

For the one who wants to...

Cook More

Something magical happens with families prep and cook dinner together. They spend time at the dinner table talking about their day and bonding as a family. Precious time you’ll never forget. Bonus benefit: when kids have a hand in cooking their meals, they’re more likely to want to eat them. Plus, who wouldn’t want to stir up something delicious with these bright and cheery bamboo tools?  



Clutter has a tricky way of zapping our mental energy. Maybe because it looks like one big to-do that we just don’t have time to tackle. Break it down into bite-sized pieces and start small. Closets getting out of hand? Baskets lend organization and style. Kids’ clothes pilling up? Add an extra hamper. Are keys and mail clunking up your entryway? A console table with oodles of storage space will keep it all hidden -- and look amazing! 


Create Calming Spaces

Can we all agree there is nothing relaxing about hiding from the kids in the bathroom (or closet!) so you can try to grab a minute to yourself? Create a zen zone where you can sit and let your mind wander to calmer things -- even if it’s just a corner. Start with a comfy chair you can curl up on, layer on a cozy throw and a snuggle-able pillow. Dial up the aromatherapy and feel your stress melt away. 


Make Your Bed

They say making your bed is the best way to start the day because you’ve already accomplished a task. While we definitely agree, we also really like the way a freshly made, well-styled bed looks. A crisp quilt, piled high with pretty pillows pulls the look of a bedroom together. And when it’s time to call it a day, it’s more fun to slide into a beautiful bed.  

Brighten Up With Botanicals

Fresh flowers and plants are instant day-brighteners, especially during the long winter months. This small splurge can have a big impact on your mood and your home. Faux plants, stems, and wreaths add cheerful color, interesting textures, and a nature-inspired vibe to your home. Get creative filling your pretty vases with an eclectic mix of floral stems and sprays that speak to you. 

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