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How To Style Your Accent Chair + Love It Forever

Remember that moment when you first locked eyes with the perfect accent chair and knew it was The. One? We’re here to help keep the love alive and hush out any questions like “Will I still love it in 5 years?” and “How will it look with my holiday decor?” 

(BTW, the answers are Yes! and Awesome!). 

Sit back and get comfy while we twirl through timeless tips to style your accent chair for many years and seasons to come. 

    Loud + Lovely

    Even the loudest chairs need love, too. Dominating colors and prints can rule the room, but they don’t have to. For busy prints and bright colors, you can make them work by incorporating neutral colors and solids or subtle patterns. Also, think about adding textures to keep it interesting. Embrace bright colors by pairing them with complementary hues that bring out everyone’s best features. 



    Pueblo Accent Chair

    Floral Pillow Cover

    Floral Windows Outdoor Pillow

    Play with Patterns

    Your love for your patterned chair can withstand the test of time. One fun way to do that is to introduce even more patterns through pillows, throws, window treatments -- even other chairs. Here are a few tips on how to do that:  

    • Keep the color palette similar -- it doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy. Choose colors that look like they want to hang out together. 
    • Vary the scale of the patterns with a mix of large, medium, and small scale prints. 
    • Mix up the type of pattern. Stripes, geometrics, and organic prints can all be at the same party -- or stick with one and vary the size and color. 


    Emma Arm Chair 

     Farmhouse Tufted Diamond Throw Blanket

    Striped Thread Natural Throw Pillow

    Change with the Seasons

    Accent chairs are some of the most versatile pieces in your home. This means you can dress them up for every holiday and season! By swapping out pillows and throws, you can give one chair as many looks as you can imagine.

    One Chair. 4 Seasons.     

    Warm + Wintery



    Light + Summery
    Cozy for Fall