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7 Ways to Dress Up Your Decor with Wallpaper

Looking for fresh ideas to breathe new life into that room or space that needs a little something? What about wallpaper? Wallpaper is back in a huge way -- and thanks to peel-and-stick wallpaper, it’s super easy to work with, no glue required. 

Wallpaper isn’t just for walls anymore. Wallpaper is also a gorgeous way to update decor pieces, create new wall art, or add impact to your ceiling or staircase. See our seven fun ideas to use wallpaper to refresh your style. 

Spice Up Small Spaces

Amp up the energy in a small space with high-impact wallpaper. A bold pattern can give character to a charming powder room or cheer up your pantry or laundry room. Lining your closets with a happy pattern will give them a custom look -- and make you smile every morning! 

Tip: Strategically place your mirrors to play up the patterns in wallpaper so you can enjoy it from different angles. 

Create an Accent Wall

Wallpapering one wall or a section of a wall is an excellent way to emphasize the focal point of a room or interesting architectural details. Which wall to accent? It can be the wall with a fireplace, a headboard, television, bay window, or any other space where your eye is naturally drawn when you walk into a room. 

Wallpaper Your Backsplash

A swoon-worthy shiplap or brick backsplash is just a peel and stick away with gorgeous wood plank and textured brick wallpaper. No need to go through a pricey or time-consuming kitchen reno. In just an afternoon, you can give your kitchen the modern farmhouse look you love! 

Fix Up Your Furniture

Wallpaper is a miracle worker on furniture that needs a little love, or a fast-forward into the current decade. Wondering what you can wallpaper? 

  • Upcycle an antique china cabinet by painting it, then lining the back with wallpaper in a modern print
  • Refresh a dinged-up dresser with pretty pink floral wallpaper.  You can cover the drawer fronts, dresser top, even the insides of the drawers.  
  • Prep your bookshelves for the ultimate #shelfies. Just remove the shelves, cover the back with eye-catching tropical wallpaper, and style your bookshelf using these simple tips

Rise to the Occasion

Add an unexpected surprise -- and color and pattern -- to your staircase by covering your stair risers in a geometric print wallpaper. Not only will this colorful addition catch everyone’s attention, but it will also protect your stairs. For maximum impact, try alternating two or three color-coordinated patterns. 

Create DIY Wall Art

Wallpaper comes in so many gorgeous colors and patterns that are beautiful enough to frame. So go ahead and use wallpaper to create wall art for your home. You can design a series of wall panels by mixing and matching sheets of wallpaper in complementary frames or feature one large swatch of wallpaper in a statement frame. 

Spruce Up Your Ceiling

Just because it’s called wallpaper doesn’t mean you can’t use it on your ceilings. A wallpapered ceiling gives even more character and dimension to rooms with sloped ceilings or a tray ceiling. A playful wallpaper pattern, like flamingo, livens up the ceiling in a child’s room or entryway. To create the ultimate relaxation oasis, cover your bathroom ceiling in a relaxing blue sky pattern so you can gaze up from your warm bath. 

Ready to start styling your space with wallpaper? Get inspired by our collection of wallpaper in colors and patterns that speak to you.