Easter is by far one of the best holidays for crafting projects. Cuddly bunnies, adorable baby chicks, and colorful spring flowers make it easy to love! Get into the spirit of the season with these easy crafts that make Easter decorating for kids a cinch. With a little creativity and a few crafting supplies, you’ll have more than a fun project. In no time at all, you’ll have decorated your home for Easter. Kiddie crafters of all ages, including adults, will enjoy making these 12 Easter crafts.

1. Cheerful Cardboard Chicks

How adorable are these baby chicks? You can practically hear them chirping from the picture! For an easy Easter kids’ craft idea, simply save your paper towel or toilet paper roll and use it to create an Easter scene. Dip the end of the paper roll in yellow paint and stamp it on your canvas. Once the paint dries, draw or color faces and details to bring the chicks to life. This project is perfect for preschoolers through adults, and the finished product makes for fresh, colorful wall art. 

2. Colorful Carrot Bouquets

Adults and kids will both love these colorful carrot bouquets that aren’t just fun to admire. Fill them with candies to make Easter decorating for kids even sweeter! Craft paper, scissors, and glue are all you need to craft little carrot bouquets that are perfect for holding Easter treats. Use them as party bags or place them on top of table settings for a festive touch.

3. Paper Roll Bunnies with Character

Another great Easter idea for kids is to make toilet paper roll bunnies. Talk about personality! With a little paint and few embellishments, your kids can turn a toilet paper roll into the Easter Bunny. Cut bunny ears out of colored paper and paint any details on them that you’d like. While you’re at it, give the toilet paper roll a thorough coat of paint as well.

Once the paint is dry, glue the ears to the top of the paper roll and add googly eyes, pipe cleaner whiskers, a button nose, and a bunny mouth. Show these cute bunnies off by placing them all over the house. They’re especially adorable when included in table centerpieces. Place vases of fresh spring flowers and greenery for a complete garden scene.

4. Design a Dainty Easter Wreath

Completely darling and surprisingly easy to make, this Easter wreath is a beautiful Easter kids’ craft idea. Depending on the age of your kids, you may want to form the bunny head for them. A little gold wire and pliers are all you need. Bunny shapes can also be purchased pre-formed to make it extra-easy. Once you have the wire bunny ready, kids can get creative and arrange faux flowers around the wreath. Attach them with floral wire from the craft shop.

5. Experiment with Naturally Dyed Eggs

It wouldn’t be Easter without Easter eggs! This year, experiment with your kids and use natural elements like turmeric, avocado skins, beets, and purple cabbage. Need a little inspiration? Look to these antique Dregeno Easter eggs with floral flourishes.

6. Make an Easter-Themed Pennant Banner

The whole family will enjoy making an Easter-themed pennant banner. Pennants can be cut from all kinds of materials. Use colored paper, brown paper bags, felt, or even fabric scraps to make these. Find inspiration in other banners like this wooden “Happy Easter” banner. Play with pastel colors and springtime patterns to create a celebratory decoration that hangs on the wall or across a doorway.

7. Craft Cute Easter Paper Plates

You’ll be amazed by what a child’s creativity can do to a plain paper plate. Pull out the usual craft supplies like markers, paint, glue, and scissors, and add fun foam shapes or stickers to the mix. No one is holding you back from sprinkling glitter as well! This simple Easter decorating idea for kids turns a paper plate into a charming Easter scene. 

8. Create Flowerpot Easter Bunnies

Turn standard flowerpots into lively bunnies by flipping them over and applying an artist’s touch. All it takes is a bit of paint and a few accessories to turn terra cotta into somebunny special! Place these happy bunnies among your outdoor planters to liven up your garden.

9. Throw an Easter Tea Party

An Easter tea party is the perfect Easter idea for kids to enjoy a fancy and festive celebration. Set the table with a brightly colored table runner and pastel napkins. Incorporate pieces from your dining collection like spring-inspired floral teacups, small plates, and tiered trays. Just don’t forget the teatime nibbles!

10. Prepare Festive Easter Fare

Want to make kids smile before they even take a bite? Prepare Easter-themed food with them like these bunny pancakes! Pour pancake batter into a few different easy shapes and either plate it yourself or let your kids design their own masterpieces. This is a fun Easter kids’ craft idea to enjoy outside on the patio table with melamine dinnerware.

11. Decorate an Easter Tree

Easter trees are a darling Easter tradition. Take a nature walk to look for the ideal branch and stand it up in a vase. Create Easter memories while decorating the tree together and adorning it with things like bunny ornaments and beautiful eggs.

12. Make Easter Goodie Bags for Friends

Spread Easter cheer by putting together thoughtful goodie bags for friends. Let your little shopper help you pick candies, stickers, art supplies, or anything their friends might like. Put everything in a cute Easter gift bag and be prepared for both the giver and receiver to feel the Easter love.   

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