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At-Home Bar Must-Haves

If your New Year’s Eve party theme this year is stay-at-home chic, we hear you. No need to cut corners on setting up a full-fledged home bar, though. Keep the holiday spirits flowing right until the ball drops by setting up a tres chic and fully-functional home bar.  

Bar cart

The bar cart is a super stylish way to provide easy access to everything you need to make a legit cocktail while keeping clutter off your kitchen counters. And because it’s on wheels, it goes wherever the party is. 

How to choose a bar cart: 

  • Look for wheels that will easily glide over your floors. If you have plush carpet, go for larger wheels. 
  • Bar carts can make sense of small awkward spaces. Let the space dictate the size and shape of your bar cart.  
  • Find features you need like shelves, wine bottle storage, stemware racks, and drawers or cabinets. 
  • For a twist on a traditional bar cart, how about stocking up a low open-shelf bookcase (for two-sided serving), a pretty garden cart, or an industrial tool chest? 

Bar tools

Set yourself up to be a mixology master by stocking up on all the tools of the trade. 

Gorgeous glassware 

Display your prettiest glassware. No need to stock everything you own, but be sure to cover the essentials, as well as drinkware for specialty cocktails like Moscow mules or martinis.  

Bottles & mixes

A basic bar stock of liquors, liqueurs, and mixes gives you what you need to make most cocktails.  

  • Rum, tequila, vodka, whiskey, gin, and bourbon
  • Amaretto, coffee, orange, and Irish cream liqueur
  • Cocktail essentials like sour mix and simple syrup 
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Fruit juices
  • Bitters, Worcestershire, Tabasco
  • Beer
  • Red, white, and sparkling wine

If you’re limited on space and your soiree is themed around a specialty cocktail, edit your bar cart down to only the ingredients you need. 


The secret to keeping your bar cart looking neat and tidy all season long is adding organizational elements. 

  • Trays give you mixing zones and corral your glassware. 
  • Baskets and bowls hold fresh fruit for garnishes or napkins. 
  • Canisters, mason jars, or cookie jars store bar tools, wine corks, and snacks. 


If your idea of a well-stocked bar is one that is also decked with gorgeous decorative elements, we are right there with you. And we know beauty doesn’t just happen by accident, so make a plan to incorporate your creative touches. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

Add height & texture

If your bottles and glassware are all about the same height, size, and shape, create dimension and architecture with decor. Botanical arrangements add height and a natural element, while unique decorative art shows your personal style. 

Light it up

Give your bar cart a soft shimmery glow by layering  low hurricanes with LED votives, pillars in varying heights with flameless candles, LED lanterns, fairy lights, or a small accent lamp

Style the space

Think about how you can create a cohesive look all around your bar cart. A statement rug and wall decor anchor the space, and cozy accent seating is an upholstered invitation to sit and chat awhile. 

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