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1. Give Your Porch a Spring Makeover

The porch is the first thing you see when you get home and the first impression you make on guests. Making some small tweaks with Easter decor can transform the space without much effort. Simple additions like hanging a “Hello Spring” porch sign exude the optimism of the season.

Another easy change that makes a big impact is to swap out your current doormat for an Easter bunny-themed doormat. This small adjustment changes the mood of your porch by adding an inviting Easter element. 

Whether you had a holiday wreath or left your front door bare last season, now is the time to put a festive spring wreath front and center. A wreath can add a fresh spring touch all season long with its colorful flowers and greenery.

Decorating for Easter is one of the most heart-warming and cheerful times of the year. Pleasant pastels make their appearance along with fluffy bunny tails and colorful Easter eggs. Practically everything is in bloom and sun-kissed.

To keep things light and breezy, here are some easy Easter decorating tips so you can celebrate the arrival of spring.


2. Set the Spring Ambiance in Your Entryway

If the porch is an important first impression, your entryway is your opportunity to welcome both yourself and your guests into your home.

Flowers aren’t just for outside your home. Instead, incorporate a spring bouquet into your entryway by placing a vase of fresh or faux tulips on your foyer table. Faux flowers are always in bloom, and nothing says spring like colorful tulips. 

Another simple accessory you can add to your entryway table that brings spring indoors is plant-inspired decorations. These green fern votive holders allow the garden to grow even where sunshine may not reach. 

Are your walls bare, or is your art ready for a refresh? Either way, one of the easiest Easter decorating ideas is to hang Easter wall decor. Messages like “Bunny kisses & Easter wishes” paired with whimsical scenes of bunnies, butterflies, and flowers warm the hearts of any visitors.


Celebrate Easter Everywhere

One cute bunny leads to another and the cuteness multiplies. Add thoughtful seasonal touches throughout your home as an unexpected nod to Easter.


Crafted of vivid purple and delicate yellow blossoms entwined with lifelike ferns, grasses, and twigs, this wreath is a refreshing celebration of spring.


Show the Easter bunny -- and your guests -- which way to the egg hunt with these delightful yard stakes. 


3. Liven Up Your Living Room

The living room is the center of activity and with quick Easter decor additions, you can easily invigorate your space. Spruce up your sofa with fresh throw pillows that energize your living room with pleasant pastels and springtime floral patterns.

Add touches of cheery Easter decor with delightful bunny art figurines that are perfect for the mantle, side tables, or shelves. These sweet little characters are sure to bring spring smiles to anyone who sees them.

It wouldn’t be Easter without egg dyeing! This year put a spin on a tried-and-true tradition by using natural dyes and organic materials to decorate your eggs. While you can purchase natural dyeing kits at the store, another option is to have fun with an Easter decor DIY project by making your own dye at home. Commonplace vegetables and spices result in stunning shades of Easter colors. Try using typical pantry items like: 

  • Purple cabbage
  • Yellow onion
  • Red onion
  • Beets
  • Turmeric

Another cute and festive Easter decorating idea is to make an Easter tree. Although it may not be as common in the U.S., families in Germany have been decorating trees with Easter eggs for decades. The tradition of the Ostereierbaum, or Easter tree, has a mysterious beginning but continues with many people decorating celebratory indoor trees with beautiful Easter egg ornaments. Make your tree with found branches, a small topiary, or even a house plant.

4. Refresh Your Kitchen and Dining Areas

These days, households spend a good deal of time in their kitchen and dining areas, so it’s equally important to spread the spring cheer to these parts of the house. One of the quickest ways to add Easter decor is to change out your dishtowels for ones of the seasonal variety. In just a few seconds you can dramatically change the mood of your kitchen by placing dishtowels with Easter and spring messages on them around the room.  

Countertops provide another blank canvas that begs to be adorned with Easter decorations. Everyone’s counter space varies but incorporating plants into the kitchen is a fast way to bring the warmth of spring into your space. Adding garden-inspired boxes of greenery with votives to your kitchen island or in front of your backsplash is a quick and easy Easter decorating idea.

Moving beyond the kitchen, spreading Easter decorations to the dining room is always fun to do! When creating your tablescape, start with a spring color palette that includes pastel shades of:

  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Lavender

Think sunshine, sky, fresh grass, and flower petals! Stick with light and bright colors to keep your tablescape feeling full of energy.

Choose your tablescape backdrop by selecting a spring-inspired tablecloth. From there, you can add an embellished table runner that has all the signs of spring such as bunnies, decorated eggs, and garden flowers. Continue with this theme when you select the pieces for your table centerpiece. Add flowers, fresh greens, candles, and add other Easter decorating items like porcelain bunnies and decorative eggs.  

Place settings are another spot where you can set the stage for spring. Luminous porcelain white dinner plates are the perfect way to make the colors of spring bouquet cloth napkins pop. Pull them together with sparkling silver napkin rings for a finished look.

Decorating and setting for Easter will bring your table to life. A classic mix of pink and white, plaid and pretty florals says spring has arrived in true style.


5. Make Your Backyard Blissful

Let’s not forget the backyard because as the weather warms, you may be spending most of your time there! Treat your backyard as an outdoor room, and don’t hold back from making simple additions like placing an outdoor rug in the seating area or changing out your outdoor pillows for pillows with brighter spring fabrics.

Small modifications go a long way to make your backyard Easter-ready. Start by adding touches of spring, including playful bird feeders. Local birds are sure to enjoy a visit to your yard, and these visitors may even share a spring song or two. Cute figurines like a mama and baby rabbit are adorable to look at and can be placed around your yard in a matter of seconds.

We can’t talk about the backyard without touching on Easter decorating ideas that revolve around plants. Let Easter decor spring from the walls of your house by hanging a butterfly trellis. Nothing says spring better than new growth, and by placing spring-colored ceramic planters around the backyard, you’ll have fresh growth everywhere. Plant vivid spring flowers that charm everyone, including the bees and butterflies.   

Want even more Easter decorating ideas? Shop our selection of Easter decor, from wall art to dinnerware. You’ll find all the Easter decorating inspiration you need to turn your home into an Easter egg hunt for stylish home furnishings. Hop into spring with Pier 1!


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