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Looking to give your home a little refresh with the most popular colors of the year? Get inspired by the top five color trends of 2021 and fun ideas to work them into any room in your home -- indoors or out. No matter what your design style, there’s a hue that will harmonize perfectly with your look. 

Earth Tones

Spending the last year nestled inside our dwellings drove color trends toward deep, rich, and comforting. Enter earth tones. Olive greens, burnt oranges, and saffron yellows are big right now. And we love how cozy and inviting they make our homes. Warm up your family’s dining room with seating, table linens, and rugs featuring this year’s earth tone trends. 

Pier 1 TableCoastal Blues

There’s something so calming about gazing at the water, which is probably why coastal blues are having a heyday. Watery aquas, nautical blues, and sea greens will give your outdoor space a seaside vibe, even if you’re landlocked. Make your outdoor living area as inviting as your living room with on-trend seating, cozy pillows, and bright and gorgeous outdoor rugs

Modern Pastels

Soft and muted pastel tones are comforting to the eye and instill peace and calm. These tranquil new tones play exceptionally well with all your neutrals, so they are very easy to work into your living room with accent chairs, wall art, and table lamps. Today’s pastels are less nursery-like and more on the sophisticated and earthy side. Think muted pinks, dusty greens, sun-bleached terracottas, and faded blues.

Jewel Tones

If you’re ready to embrace bright and bold new colors, you’re in for a treat. Jewel tones are in! Add bursts of delightful, happy hues throughout your home with vibrant velvet ottomans, rich, colorful rugs, and lamps that light up your home. Emerald greens, sapphire blues, ruby reds, and amethyst purples offer treasure troves of opportunity to add optimism to your style.

Illuminating Yellow

Ever since Pantone named Illuminating Yellow one of its 2021 colors of the year, it’s been the go-to hue for home decor. Yellow is bright and cheery and the universal color of happiness. It also goes well with neutral tones like white, gray, and brown, as well as bolder hues like blue, green, pink, and orange. Whether you choose to add a citrus splash to your front door, tabletop, or living room furniture, there are no wrong answers. 

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