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Adding a fresh burst of color to your home instantly invigorates the space and creates a cheery vibe. If you’re looking for easy ideas to brighten your look, get inspired by these quick tricks to infuse color into any room in your home. 

Pillows & Throws

Cheer up your neutral pillows and throws by adding pops of bright hues to give your sofa, bed, or accent chairs an instant makeover. To create a wow-worthy arrangement of pillows, choose a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns.

Faux Florals

Adding blossoming blooms to your look is a surefire way to amp up the energy. Whether you go green and leafy or colorful and floral, these nods to nature will boost the color quotient of your home and enliven your spirits.


Nothing spotlights your space quite like artistic lighting. A bold and bright table lamp adds the first colorful pop. Then, the illumination shines the light on your fresh new decor, adding an extra dimension of brilliance to your style. 

Area Rugs

Why let your walls have all the colorful fun? Adorn your floors with resplendent rugs in intricate patterns and intense hues. As an extra bonus, dark multi-colored rugs are genius at hiding dirt! 

Tip: To work a colorful rug cohesively into a room, choose a rug with at least one existing color from your space.


Once you’ve invigorated your style with potent pops of color, magnify the effect by reflecting your newfound radiance throughout the room. A strategically placed mirror will do all the work for you! Extra credit if your mirror is embellished with complementary hues. 

Wall Art

Who said you have to paint your wall to feature it as an accent? Oversized wall art in eye-catching colors creates a showstopping look. You can also use your wall art to introduce new hues to your palette to play off your pillows, throws, and rugs. 


A seasonal refresh to your bedding is always a welcome change. Transition your bedroom look from cozy winter neutrals to lively upbeat hues that announce the arrival of spring. Choose a dynamic, colorful print for bedding that doubles as art. 

Painted Furniture

You don’t need to be handy with a paintbrush to reap the rewards of a colorful piece of painted furniture. Get the homespun look without all of the work with accent furniture painted in your favorite colors. This farmhouse cabinet holds a secret surprise to make you smile -- robin’s egg blue interior drawers and cabinets!


Wallpaper is all the rage right now. Create an accent wall or dress up your bookcase or dresser with brightly colored wallpaper in a cheerful springtime print. Wondering what else you can do with wallpaper? Find fresh new ideas to dress up your decor with wallpaper here

Upholstered Furniture

Ready for an instant refresh in your living room? Add a lively pair of accent chairs or a kicky new ottoman, playing off accent colors in your rug, wall art, pillows, and other decor. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can transform your look with these simple swaps.  


Spread little bursts of cheer all around the house with colorful accents and decor. Put your love of happy hues on full display in your bookcases, desk, bathroom vanity, kitchen shelves, entry console -- no room is off limits! You’ll know you found just the right accents when they make you smile. 

Shop for Splashes of Seasonal Color 

Pier 1 makes it easy to add a breath of fresh air to your style. Shop your favorite colors and trends to add bursts of bright seasonal color to every room in your home and create that unique look that is yours and yours alone. Start shopping now

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