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How would you define your design style? If you’re like most of us, your preferences lean in a few directions. Like farmhouse-mid-century-boho or coastal-contemporary-global-eclectic. 

Now, on paper, all these design styles might not seem to go together. But they can. Here are a few easy tips to help you pull together all the design styles that speak to you and create an effortless, curated, collected-over-time look. 

  • Create consistency through the color palette.
  • Select similarly-scaled pieces.
  • Pepper in vintage and new.
  • Repeat patterns or shapes throughout your decor.
  • Wood tones don’t need to match; natural elements play well with one another.
  • Give every element a friend. That is, your colors, patterns, shapes, or styles should be reflected in at least two items in your room.  

One Dining Table, Styled Four Ways

Whether your look is traditional, boho, farmhouse, or a combo, we’re showing you how to take one elegant yet decidedly mid-century table and style it across four completely different looks. Every look will be grounded in modern, yet free to fly in other design directions. 

Cottage - Boho

Creamy white wooden chairs, whitewashed lanterns, a natural burlap runner, and crisp white napkins tell the tale of cottage all day long. The boho vibe meanders in with the vintage rug and a pair of casual poufs standing in for seating on one or both sides of the table. The sleek table and modern, classic lighting are fast friends, while the serene fragrance of vintage linens keeps the space fresh and calm. 

Transitional - Luxe

What’s decadent and mod and luxe all over? This dining room. Transitional tufted wing back chairs and black crocodile bench seating read modern and sophisticated without being too serious. The contemporary pattern of the rug vibes with the table, while touches of velvet and roses in the runner, centerpiece, and fragrance story keep it traditional. All three design styles are reflected in the light fixture -- an undeniable feast for the eyes. 

Boho - Global

Funky textures and layers of color are hallmarks of boho. These paisley chairs and bench seating are modern in shape yet free-spirited in color and pattern. The textured rug and fringe elements on the runner and napkins also teeter the lines between styles. Global-inspired lighting, colorful glass lanterns, and an earthy vanilla fragrance will remind you of poking around in those little spice markets in Morocco -- even if you’ve never done that before. 

Modern - Farmhouse 

Modern and farmhouse are a match made in heaven with simple, clean lines and friendly fabrics. We paired the table with its soul-mate mid-century chairs, juxtaposed with modern bench seating. The straight iron lines are mimicked throughout the light fixture, plaid runner and napkins. The soft, textural rug grounds the space in a cozy kind of way. A vibrant boxwood keeps the mood fresh and light, and scents of ginger peach fill the air with fragrances of a warm summer day. 

Ready to start mixing and matching your look? Start browsing, dreaming, and designing the styles that speak to you.

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