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10 Tips to Create the Best WFH Space

Whether you’ve been working from home for years or logging on in your PJs is still new, creating a functional, inspiring home office space is key to staying productive. 

Creating a WFH setup if you live in a small space or don’t have a dedicated office can present some challenges. You may be trying to share space with your kids or roommate, or trying to accommodate monitors, laptops, and keyboards without a proper desk.

Not to mention, being at home presents distractions you typically don’t have in the workplace like pets, kids, neighbors, and all the chores you haven’t gotten to.

To help you create a functional WFH space that jibes with your design vibe, we’ve put together this simple guide with 10 home office ideas that are sure to inspire your work while looking amazing.

Stake Your Claim

Without a home workspace, it can be tempting to set up shop at the kitchen table. And while you may not have many other options, try to avoid common areas like the kitchen, which can be crowded.

Instead, find a corner or a section of a room, preferably with natural lighting, where you can switch into work mode without too many distractions – and that you won’t have to clear off at dinnertime. 

Even if your WFH space doesn’t have walls, you can define the space by anchoring it with a pretty rug, dividing the room with a partition, adding a faux tree or plants, or lighting.

When choosing rugs, consider a low-pile rug like jute or even an indoor/outdoor rug that’s easier for your chair to roll over or scoot in and out. 

Decide on a Desk

When it comes to choosing your desk, the priority is finding one that fits your space and will hold your laptop, notebook, mug, and that cute picture of your dog without compromising style.

To keep the blood flow moving during those long days at your computer, consider a standing desk or ergonomic desk chair that supports your body. Some people even love using a stability ball, which helps keep your core more engaged and facilitate better posture.

When choosing a desk, think about:

  • Size of your space
  • Desk surface space
  • Storage options
  • Desk height for your height
  • Style
  • Functionality (does it need to fold up to save space, or be easily moved?)

This compact wooden desk will fit – and look stunning – anywhere you put it and has a clever space-saving shelf just begging for a cute tray to stash odds and ends at the end of the day. 

For those tight on space, a corner desk is a great way to maximize the space you have and keep your office space separate from high-traffic areas.

If you want a desk that doubles as an attractive and functional furniture piece in your living room, a simple black desk with a couple of drawers can quickly transition to an elegant side table by removing your laptop and desk chair and adding a vase of flowers and some books.

Compact Wooden Desk

Roll Into Work Like ...

Your desk chair is a key component of your workspace – so, get one that’s as beautiful as it is comfortable. Yes, it’s possible! Just imagine how much work you’ll get done, sitting pretty in a stunner like this tufted rolling chair. The soft velvet fabric and ergonomic design keep you comfy all day, and the all-direction wheels, like the ones on your luggage, easily roll right over any type of flooring.   

One of the great things about choosing your own desk chair is how many options you have from patterns, colors, materials, and styles. You can go as bold, or as neutral as you want to make sure your modern home office is just the way you like it!

Anika Desk Chair

 Set Up Storage

It’s hard to stay focused when your WFH zone looks like a war zone. Keep everything neat and tidy, so you can focus on the task at hand. 

If your job requires folders and books, start with a tall bookshelf to maximize your vertical space. If your home office setup is in the living room or bedroom, bookshelves can also double as storage for your favorite books or to display personal touches like photos or keepsakes.

To keep your office supplies more discreet, line the shelves with baskets or bins. This lessens the distraction of a bunch of stuff just sitting on a shelf and helps you organize items into appropriate places. You can create a cohesive look with all the same baskets or curate an eclectic mix with various sizes, textures, colors, and patterns. 

Another stylish way to store books and supplies is on a wall shelf near your desk for easy access. Just remember to not add too many things to shelves as it can start to look cluttered.

Mortson Natural 5-Tier Shelf

Breathe Life Into Your Space

Create a joyful space, so when you’re not staring at the screen, you can come up for air, take a look around, and see beautiful things that inspire you. 

A few serene home office ideas are: 

  • Place a vase of flowers on your desk
  • Hang a calming image on the wall
  • Setup facing a window to see nature outside
  • Play calming music while you work
  • Burn your favorite candle
  • Diffuse your favorite scents

Style Your Space

Style your bookshelves with decorative boxes and bowls, and stacks of books. Choose wall art that makes you happy and hang it at eye-level for maximum impact. Don’t forget to do a full 360 in your space, taking note of your video chat backdrop. Dress it up with a statement wall clock, tall plants, and flattering lighting to make the most of those important video conference calls.  

Round Pallet Wall Clock

Brighten the Mood

Most overhead lighting isn’t enough to illuminate your workspace or your face during video calls, and it can cause eye strain over time. So, do your eyes a favor and add lighting that’s stylish and useful.

This galvanized desk lamp lights up your work life and complements a modern home office with a combo of rustic elements and textures. Layer in additional lighting sources, like pendant lights or floor lamps, for to add depth and warmth to your office space. 

Galvanized Desk Lamp

Go Faux With Greenery

Faux florals and greenery add a burst of life and enhance wellbeing. When you’re limited to being inside, bringing the outside in is a great way to elevate your mood and be more productive.

Try creating a desk garden with succulent picks and sprays, or go full-on Zen with a Japanese Bonsai tree. You can even create some division in your space with a tall plant or tree

Frame Your Friends & Family

Smiles are contagious, so look at the ones you love each day. Find frames with colors or designs that remind you of your loved ones to add even more personality. You can even create a gallery wall with your favorite snaps to inspire you throughout the workday and when you clock out.

Blue Farmhouse Distressed Picture Frame

Melt Away Stress

Tap into the healing powers of aromatherapy to relieve your work tension. Use fragrant candles or essential oils to surround your workspace with aromas that calm your mind and keep you motivated throughout the day. Scents with notes of citrus, mint, rosemary, or lavender can help promote concentration and productivity. 

Rosemary & Evergreen Scented Candle

Looking for more home office inspiration? Check out Pier 1’s amazing selection of home decor that’s perfect for your WFH space and your living space including stylish storage solutions, beautiful curtains, and comfy throws and blankets.