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As the chill of winter gives way to spring sunshine, you and your home decor are both ready to shift into a lighter, brighter mood! The energy of spring drives us to clean, reorganize, and declutter. We also tend to feel the need for newness.

While you might think decorating your home for spring is a big undertaking, small touches can go a long way and make your space feel fresh. Here are 15 easy ways to refresh your living space with spring home decor.

1. Invite Spring Fragrances Inside

Flowers are in bloom, and the scents are divine. Spring decor is about more than just what you see. Fill your home with spring fragrances by placing candles and diffusers throughout the house. Enjoy scents of Wild Dahlia or White Jasmine. Room sprays and even scented soaps will add a touch of spring’s fresh scent.

2. Pillow Makeover

Want to transform a room with minimal effort? Change out your pillows! Spring home decor is all about pillows with lighter fabrics, pom pom pillows, embroidered pillows, and pillows decorated with spring botanicals. A simple pillow swap will bring a breath of fresh air into any room.

3. Picture It

A blank wall is a perfect canvas for touches of spring. Hang one-of-a-kind, garden-inspired statement pieces like floral bouquet wall art. If you have the wall space for it, try hanging a collection of wall art for a cohesive spring refresh.

4. Garden Indoors

Update any room by adding faux plants that bring life to your spring home decor. Revive areas that need some love by placing plants in corners and on shelves and tables. Mix plants of all sizes and shapes to add dimension and greenery to the space.

5. Design Your Tablescape

Centerpieces are the perfect opportunity to celebrate the season and, now that it’s spring, your centerpieces should reflect fresh growth and cheerful colors. A floral pitcher brimming with tulips goes well with sparkling votives scattered around.

Create table settings styled for spring with motifs gathered from the garden. Pair floral plates with artisanal glasses, and charming cloth napkins. Take inspiration from the season’s beauty and let your tablescape feel organic and fresh.

6. Let There Be Light

Spring is all about brightness! Daylight savings literally springs us forward, and the days finally get longer. You can let more light in with lamps, but you can also get creative by adding mirrors that amplify natural light. Place them strategically in areas that will catch and spread sunlight.

7. Refresh Your Beside Table

Start each day with a spring in your step by updating your bedside table. Add a picture frame, a scented candle, or fresh flowers. Begin and end your day with reminders of the possibilities of spring.   

 8. Rejuvenate Your Entryway

Turn your entryway into a spring greeting you’ll enjoy each time you walk across your threshold. Add an inviting bench that also has storage capabilities to keep your entryway tidy. Creatively display wall art that is warm and welcoming.

9. Try Open Kitchen Cabinetry

Mimic the blooms of spring by displaying colorful glassware in open kitchen cabinetry. There’s no reason to hide beautiful glasses behind cabinets when their colors contribute to the feeling of your spring home decor.

10. Add Pops of Color

Small touches of color go a long way to brighten your home and make it feel renewed with spring decor. As the weather tries to strike a balance between warm and cool, cozy throws provide warmth and a touch of color. Area rugs work well to brighten a room while also adding a pop of color.

11. Liven Up Your Workspace

With so many people still working from home, it’s more important than ever to freshen up your workspace. Faux plants are not only low maintenance, but they also create a sense of liveliness in your space. On top of that, they’re even rumored to improve your mood and productivity making them a must-have!

 Of course, no workspace would be complete without framed photos that make you smile. Display picture frames in your workspace with some of your favorite memories.

12. Play with Colorful Chairs

The time is right to have fun with your chair collection and add mismatched, colorful options to the mix. Spring is not the season for seriousness so let your chair color palette reflect the playfulness of the season. Mix and match your dining room seating options by incorporating canary yellow chairs, optimistic white chairs, or chairs touched with mint.

13. Rethink Your Curtains

Take advantage of longer days with spring home decor that lets more light into your home. Swap out heavy or dark curtains for a lighter or transparent variety. Sheer curtains with flower details bring the garden indoors and allow sunlight to shine within your home.

14. Don't Forget Your Patio

Longer days and warmer weather mean you’ll be spending more time outside. Freshen up your patio space with woven outdoor armchairs and colorful pastel-toned pillows. Place newly sprung plants near your seating areas with easy-to-move planters and incorporate a bit of whimsy with stylish outdoor lanterns.

15. Pull It All Together

Organizing gives you—and your home—a new outlook. If you need small and portable, go with stackable hand-woven baskets. Need more storage space to clear the clutter? Opt for cabinets, trolleys, or shelves. Let the spring cleaning commence!


Ready to freshen up your home with spring decor? Find all the pieces you need to create the look you want at Pier 1. From rugs to wall art, our inspiring home furnishings will bring your spring decorating ideas to life!

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